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The purpose of this website in its simplest terms is to CHANGE THE WAY WE TREAT EACH OTHER.  It is my belief that the only way to accomplish this is to create a world where MOST people are happy.  We currently live in a society that rewards and glorifies deceptive and manipulative behavior.  This creates an environment where everyone is looking out for number one.  It is my belief that the only way to accomplish a world where MOST are happy is by taking the judgment out of the decision making process. 




The true purpose of this site begins and ends with these simple sentiments.

It is just a pleasant side effect that all of the issues effecting people today would be resolved if we are able to rise to the occasion.  What this site aims to accomplish is far greater than  fixing the problems in the community.  I know this process will accomplish this outcome.   I believe that this process , would result in a live and let live society where everyone's lifestyles and choices were accepted and supported.  I foresee the bonds made through coming together and  fixing the issues in our personal lives will be the catalyst to organically ending judgment.  If people have their issues fixed in their personal lives they will be generally happier and not feel the need to express such negative emotions.  Couple that with the bonds that will be created between cultures, neighborhoods, and lifestyles by the process you took to get you there.  This site is purposefully set up to give you what you want if you can put in the effort to understand and care for others.  It is easy to get behind an idea that resolves your issue that you see others supporting, but can you get behind solutions that resolve other issues that you feel are not relevant to you?  The site can be built, events can be thrown, a process can be outlined, but it all means nothing if you do not participate.


The function of this website is to collect ideas people have to any problem facing the world, our nation, our communities, and ourselves.  Give everyone a stage.  All issues any individual can think of that is affecting them, their friends, or their loved ones can be spoken to this community then all ideas to resolve those issues anyone can conceive of will be heard.  We are more than capable of saying what our issues are ourselves, discussing ideas to resolve those issues, than deciding for ourselves what the solutions should be.  There just has not been a forum where people can come together in order to accomplish this, until now.  This concepts time is long overdue.  With the technology we have available today and all the amazing things people are capable of doing with it, it makes absolutely no sense that we have not yet taken this leap.

Each of the four links below (Personal, Community, National, Global) unlocks a slue of issues that are in dire need of some answers.  To get started just click on the category you are interested in and find the issue that is relevant to you.  If you do not see it listed add it on!  This websites potential is limitless.  After you find the issue you care about, check out the ideas posted to resolve it.  If you do not see an idea you believe in add your own!  Completely for the people by the people.

Ideas For Solutions is yours to do with it what you will.  This site can only be as effective as your participation makes it.  YOU ARE THE ANSWER!
I believe this world was once a paradise, it can be again.  This is more then a website.  We are a community.

Ideas For Solutions

Ideas For Solutions

Ideas For Solutions


Ideas For Solutions


EQUALITY For Every Race, Sex, Culture, & Class

This is the list of issues currently under the national section of this website.  Although when these issues are laid out like this they seem overwhelming, they are actually all easy fixes, if the priority lay with the best interest of people and not with something else.  The intention is not to belittle them, but to express the displeasure felt with the fact that they remain unresolved.  People obviously care about these problems. The resources, technology, and compassion exist to fix them, all of them.  The problem is not every one cares about all of them. They pick and choose which are important or unimportant, relevant or not relevant based on their walk of life.  They are allowed to remain unresolved because someone who has huge issues with the school system does not care about homelessness.  Someone who is passionate about resolving homelessness is not passionate about ending war.  Someone who desperately wants world peace does not care about the environment.  People pick and choose which problems are important or unimportant, or which one is the most urgent.  They are all urgent.  They are all causing people pain.

So the question becomes what is the common ground?  If you walked into a room full of people who care about these issues and could ask one question that everyone would raise their hand and say yes to what would it be?  “Are you unhappy with the way things are?”  Every hand would go up.  So that’s the perfect place to start.  We all have things that are affecting us that could be easily resolved if we could determine the answer and get a number behind it.  Yes they are all seperate issues that affect all of us in separate ways but the common ground is that people want to be happier.  Everybody wants to know “how do we get to that better world, what’s the first step?”  It’s finding common ground with others whom want a better world as well.  Do you want something better?  Do you think this can be better?  Are you unhappy with the way things are?  Raise your hand.  Light a candle and put it outside your door (metaphorically.)  If you think we’re not being the best community we can be, if you think we’re not being the best nation we can be, if you don’t think your being the best version of you, you can be, raise your hand!  Let’s start from there and build on that.

We can no longer allow this method of divide and conquer to have success if we aim to ever resolve any of these issues.  As long as we don’t care about things that are not on our own doorstep we will continue to marginalize ourselves.  When you marginalize you become extremely easy to ignore. What does it matter how we got here?  What does it matter who is right and who is wrong?  What does it matter what a person believes?  What does it matter how you view them?  As long as they are not causing you harm let them be happy. Support them.  When you judge someone else it is not a reflection of them, it is a reflection of you.  Focus on something better.  Also, when you allow someone to throw you off your path to happiness that is also a reflection of you and not the person that you feel is affecting you.  They are only exposing your own insecurities.  Only you can overcome them.  We are the only thing standing in the way of having whatever we want.  Our own judgment.  Fight for everyone.  To love someone is to support them in what is important to them from their perspective.  It is not reflecting upon them what you believe should be important to them or enforcing your own perspective and values.  This is where relationships, families, friendships, communities, and nations tend to break down.  Over a lack of respect of perspective.  No one holds the one true perspective.  If we can trust each other, respect culture and point of views, stop judging each other and reflecting our ideals on one another, find common ground with others who share our vision, we can have our utopia.  We could have it all.  We could have whatever we want.  All of our needs meet.  All of our issues resolved.

Despite our differences we are all just people, who have the same hopes and dreams.  To enjoy life as we see fit, to be accepted, to live without persecution, to have equal opportunity, to be happy.


When I created this site and started on my mission, my motivation stemmed from seeing how much the people around me were suffering.  How they were struggling with life.  Struggling to make rent, struggling to have enough food to eat, struggling to find a job, struggling to keep a job, struggling with bosses, struggling with co-workers, struggling with family, struggling in relationships, struggling with persecution based on who they are and what makes them happy.  I knew it was not random.  Although it had been suggested to me time and again that it was just human nature and that these divides would always exist, I didn't believe it.  I knew there was a source.  So I spent several years of my life going into communities and absorbing their culture.  What is important to people from their perspective, what makes them happy, what their hopes are, what their dreams are, how they communicate, what makes them unhappy, why they judge, how that judgment comes out.  I ultimately identified judgment as the source of pain on this planet.  The responsibility of ending judgment ultimately falls on us as a people.  It is said judgment is human nature.  We even encourage lifestyles that perpetuate judgment.  It is said that it is a part of us that can never change.  This is a lie.  It has been conditioned over generations.  It specifically only for god to judge.  This website is entirely geared towards ending judgment.

By appealing to what’s important to people from their perspective and presenting you with a process where you can have whatever you want, all your issues resolved only if you are willing to participate in it, interact with others, and find a common ground, I know it will change the way people treat each other.  If you participate in this process it is %100 percent inevitable.

You will end up breaking down walls even if that is not your intention.  If you use this site thinking “I’m just going to get what I want out of this and I’m not going to change my mind about how I view people,” you’re wrong.  By sharing a common space with other people who are fighting to have their issues resolved as well you will end up interacting with each other and sharing stories.  Let’s say you have a neighbor that you do not get along with, or let’s say you disapprove of gay people, or you disapprove of Muslims but when you log onto the site it turns out that you both have a sick relative that cannot afford their treatment.  All of a sudden you have this common ground and you share your stories as you work towards a solution to your common problem.  Before you know it you care about this person.  All that judgment just melts away.  All of a sudden you understand each other.  Why the Muslim religion is important to this person.  How being gay is simply a sexual orientation.  All of a sudden the stigma melts away and the stereotype you despised becomes a person with a face, with feelings, with goals, hopes, dreams, and a desire to be happy.  All of a sudden you’re not so different.  Or let’s say you have a close co-worker or a relative whom you see is using the site and they are there for an issue that you never really understood or thought twice about.  Now all of a sudden, because you care about that person you care about that issue.  That’s all I can really do, create scenarios to get people talking.  Everyone always says they want a better world, they want their problems to be resolved but they don’t know what to do.  They don’t know what that first step should be.  Well mystery revealed!  You start a dialogue with people who want a better world as well.    Remember that even if you do not care for yourself , there are always your loved ones.  They will eventually be in a position where they want something (a job, an education, an opportunity), from someone who does not understand who they are.


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